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Welcome to the 21 Day Body Reset Programme

The detox programme that helps to rid your body of bad bacteria and metals (yes you have them in your body!). The programme helps your body with good bacteria and optimal metabolic function.

Healthy gut, healthy body = Elite Health!

I gave up tea before starting the detox and I probably had 8+ cups per day!  I don’t want to drink it now.  I have definitely changed my diet since the 21 day microbiome metamorphosis and detox.

Kay, Environment Health Practitioner, Wiltshire

Find out more about the microbiome

What is the 21 Day Body Reset?

Before we start we ask all our clients to complete a Wellness Questionnaire so we can truly understand your current health and reasons for doing the programme. It will also help identify areas you may find hard during the detox.

The hard bit is over but don’t neglect your gut, keep it healthy and protected with the Fortify and Protect products from Synergy. Your Detox Mentor can explain.


All this plus a dedicated mentor, handy guide and ongoing support throughout the programme.

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What to expect

You may experience detoxification symptoms in the first few days. After this you are likely to feel a greater sense of energy, wellbeing, reduction of cravings, enhanced taste buds, relief of gut issues and possible weight loss (if toxins are held in fat cells), as a result. The beginning of your body living with Elite Health!

Since starting the 21 Day programme I am less bloated and not hungry all the time. Whilst I look forward to eating food at dinner, I am enjoying the shakes a lot. I have really good energy levels and I’m sleeping well.

N de Grunwald, Thai Massage Teacher & Bowen Practitioner, London

What Laura experienced

Laura had cancer and felt very tired and lethargic. She wanted to purge toxins out of her body and now has greater energy and motivation.

Who the programme helped

Ginny shares about how the 21 day body reset was her first detox and how it has helped her shift her baby weight, regained her energy and stopped her bloated feeling.

You are not alone

You will be assigned a Detox Mentor from the Heart2Heart team to support you throughout the 21 day programme. You will be given a booklet packed with tips and healthy meal ideas to help you menu plan as well as exercise advice.

After the programme

Your Detox Mentor will give you advice on what to do after the detox to maintain your Elite Health. We want you to continue to feel good!

I am just loving this detox! I feel lighter and more relaxed in all sorts of ways. More letting go, better ‘emotional’ hygiene and it feels like having a natural self-help colonic – same cleansing feeling. Seems like the products are quietly working their way through the gut. Loving it!

Isabelle Natali, Holistic Therapist, Paris
Wow, after a tough karate grading I should feel tired now – but I don’t! My focus remained until the end and I really pushed myself. I’ve never sailed through a grading like this and never felt so ‘normal’ afterwards, am usually rather knackered. Certainly a big change for me!
Julia Riewald, Self-employed, Greater Manchester

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